Media Buyer


– Negotiate, purchase and optimize profitable media buys by obtaining the most competitive prices in the marketplace
– Diligently monitor daily buy maintenance, including, but not limited to, the reviewing of pre/post logs, resolving discrepancies, maintaining budgets, ensuring clearance percentages, achieving client goals, no charges, fire sales, etc.
– Develop and retain good relationships with stations; should maintain daily contact
– Test new markets and time periods, and monitor performance
– Regularly communicate with key people within the company regarding details about buys, stations and any research so as to help campaign managers make good buying decisions
– Optimize our rates with creative media packages, including getting “no charges” and “fire sales”
– Be an expert on the stations you buy, including trends and demographics of the station
– Understand internal department procedures and deadlines and how they tie back to the media campaign
– Holistically understand the TV landscape to effectively manage, develop and grow our client business through our media plans and strategy
– Understand each station’s restrictive programming per client and how it affects the campaign
– Have deep understanding of MediaMath (CPO, ratio, CPC, CPP, CPM ROI, etc.) and know how to build a buy when given such goals as TRPs, CPP, CPM, etc.


– Create high-quality profitable media buys
– Maintain up-to-date rate card information and programming
– Working knowledge of MediaOcean buying software with buy maintenance experience, which includes entering, revising and canceling media buys
– Ability to pull and understand a variety of media reports from buying software
– Establish solid station relationships
– Ensure accuracy in all areas for media management
– Provide thorough follow-up as it relates to answering questions, voicemail and emails from stations and other stakeholders
– Complete assignments and/or agreements within deadlines


– Minimum 3 years’ experience in TV media buying at an advertising agency
– Excellent negotiating, analytical and communication skills
– Proficient at problem solving and brainstorming for solutions
– Experienced in buying national, syndication and local market DRTV and brand response campaigns
– Demonstrated intermediate proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel
– Experienced in using various media research tools such a Kantar, Nielsen and SRDS

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